What is MLM?


Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy in which marketers are compensated not only for sales but also made ​​from the sales generated by vendors as part of their organized network.



It has other names such as: pyramid selling, referral marketing , network marketing.


MLM companies have been the target of criticism and demands, focused on their similarity to illegal pyramid schemes, price fixing of products , high initial costs , much emphasis in recruiting vendors acquire, use and sell products company .


A massive exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new sales and recruiting targets in the network. Complex compensation schemes and sometimes quite exaggerated and sales techniques and human development for the improvement and growth of its network members.


There are today gotten all kinds of multilevel and future.


In fact I can say and I say to this day I get an average of 5 new proposals, business real good and infallible , but beware !

You have to know and study with who or who you play your time and money.


Not everything is as good or reliable either, you have to know how to choose and filter each business thoroughly and then take no surprises.

Marketing Viral


At first, direct sales companies offering commissions to sellers for their products, they were rewarded later with additional fees for enrolling people working for the company itself by creating a network.

We have many examples of companies that have gone through the courts for that reason, and have won the lawsuit because they have strength, years in the market and can show that it is an MLM company , not a fraud or scam. Not all is scam, not everything is completely legal , you must know what you are doing and know the business in which you walk .




The success of direct sales, is known by all and published in newspapers and most popular magazines in the U.S., such as Forges , Fortune, Newsweek , Time , USA Today, New York Times , The Wall Street Jouney … have been cover many of the actors and founders of these companies, like Mary Kay, and others that have been studied and role model as solid and successful companies that have so far given the opportunity to many people to a decent life and economic stability.


Also worth mentioning that in 2002 the well-known investor Warrem Buffet, owner of Wal Mart gave the bell on Wall Street to buy a direct selling company. It currently has three of these companies and said verbatim , “It’s the best investment I ever made in my life ” Warrem Buffet , and not just him many investors today are that business as a success for the future and want to be part of the business.


It is the business that has generated more millionaires in the United States in recent years and has allowed a better life for millions of people who see an opportunity in this business to have financial independence.


Even billionaires Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki Recommend this business in his book “We want you to be rich ” , like many personalities in the world of economics , government, and other personalities from the world of finance and business .


But as always caution is recommended , know what you do and of course not make hasty decisions based on smoke.

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