The Foreign Exchange market , or Forex, is trading two different currencies of two countries, that is the basis of this trade , buying one currency and selling another, this is how the over 3 trillion daily global operations running that are made with this type of market . These markets have over forty years , dating back to 1970 , and as we said is to buy and sell currencies of different countries to achieve profitability and cash flow.


At this point , we need to be able to differentiate the Stock Market and the Foreign Exchange Market , the Currency and as before mentioned, the daily trading volume worldwide exceeds two trillion, well above the Securities Market of any country. Forex is a global market as involving banks, financial institutions, governments, and other institutions of different countries .

The Forex market is so wealthy that you can have cash in record time . While the stock market is based on productivity and business exists within a country, Forex is a market that can include any country in the world and is also accessible to anyone in the world .

The Stock Market is opening in weekdays from any country and in working hours , remaining closed on holidays and weekends , however the forex market has longer hours , working 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday . This is because to be a global market benefits from time differences at the global level, so while a part of the world markets will open to negotiate and obtain money and benefits, others remain closed, and vice versa, when the other closed open the above is why we are permanently open during the week.

The stock market refers only to the country’s currency relative to that reference , however, the currency are included many countries with their currencies. This is a big difference to keep in mind to understand this big difference between these two markets .

Sometimes people seek liquidity SMEs and Professional , and try to get cash in the FOREX market , see it as a way to make money fast, invest in a business may take more time , but as always the risk should be borne in mind that involved and know the markets do not end up losing all the money invested, is why you should know the market or otherwise , look for a reliable and effective tool for trance intermediary on their behalf .

I hope this article was able to help clarify these concepts.

Every day we increase knowledge and improve ourselves to understand business and investment for personal and professional growth, given that we must be ever vigilant and be very clear that we show hands money.

All precautions are few and for that we must have knowledge and be updated with the information in order to manage our lives and our fiannzas .

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