The FOREX or Foreign Exchange market , currency trading , trading takes place between two pairs of currencies of different countries that is based primarily this business. The forex market is over thirty years of activity.

The main difference between the stock market and the forex market is highly liquid flow and that are handled daily in the markets, more than two billion dollars. It is a much higher amount of money traded on the daily stock market in any country.


Trading currencies involves knowing governments , banks , financial institutions , types of institutions in different countries and news daily happen in the world have direct involvement in the development of foreign exchange markets , as implies the global economy .

What is bought and sold on the forex market is something that is easily liquidated , meaning it’s a market with high liquidity for quick cash . The difference of one currency to another can have a cash in the currency market and is something that can happen fast for any investor in the world .

There are differences between the stock market and the currency , and that is that the forex market is global , ie worldwide, however the market is something that takes place only within the borders of each country. The stock market is based primarily on companies and products traded within each country, and the forex market is worldwide.
The stock market is governed by the working hours of the country in which it is located , and holidays in each country and weekends closes, opposite the foreign exchange market or FOREX , which is open 24 hours a day Monday to Friday , due to the influx of countries participating in this market, the sale is made in many parts of the world in different time zones , and that while in some countries is open , others closed.
That is why we continually turn to him and make our transactions in the market is open.
The stock market has the identity and the currency of the country where it is located.
That’s why we talk about the stock market and the U.S. dollar, the Japanese market and Japanese Yen … and so on , however the forex market can be traded among a large number of countries and currencies.
Here are the main differences between the stock market and foreign exchange market , also known as FOREX.


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